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Solid Lotion Bars & Sticks
Solid form of lotion.
Available in various scents:
   Milk & Honey
   Tahitian Vanilla
BeeSoft Hand Cream
Lip Balm
4oz. of softly whipped hand cream. Does not contain any alcohol.
Available in various scents:
   Milk & Honey
   Tahitian Vanilla
Lip balm made by hand with love.
Available in various scents: 
   Caramel Apple
   Cinnamon & sugar
   Cream Cheese Frosting
   Pink Grapefruit
   Raspberries & Cream
   Raspberry Kisses
Life is the flower
for which
love is the honey. 
~ Victor Hugo ~
*Shipping & Handling not included on prices listed.
Gift Baskets
Cost varies
Gift baskets are available for any season. Mix & match any scent of wax products.
We can make any size of basket.
Small - $18
2 lip balm & 1 lotion bar/stick
(or large hand cream + $1).
Medium - $25
2 lip balm, 1 lotion bar/stick and
1 large hand cream
Large - $50
4 lip balm, 2 Lotion bar/stick,
2 hand cream and 12 oz honey bear*.
*While supplies last.
BeeWell Menthol Balm
Breathe in the soothing menthol vapors after applying to chest (or feet) to 'BeeWell'. The base is a non-petroleum menthol balm.
Honey and handmade beeswax products created and packaged with love.
Using all natural Nebraska beeswax, we focus on the quality of product from our hive to your hands.
We all know rain helps the flowers but the excess of rain that we received this year not only kept the bees inside but washed the nectaries out in the flowers. It takes several days to regenerate the nectar which the bees convert to honey. Because of that, our honey crop was low and we will not be selling to the public. We are sad that we cannot share the bees hard work, but hopefully next year we will have a bit less rain and stronger hives for more honey production!

For more information, please call
Kat at 402.643.0689
Dustin at 402.560.6640
or contact us:
Bee Calm Solid Lotion Bar
NEW in 2015!
This luxurious item that has been requested for a bit by our customers. The same amazing lotion bar now created with lavender, tea tree and chamomile essential oils.
We are currently working on updating this site so you can order your favorite products with ease!

If you would like to pick up or have a local delivery (Lincoln, NE or Seward, NE only) then choose the pick up option. We accept cash, check and all cards.