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Kat and Dustin, K&D's Bees, at a vendor show. 2011.

Dustin picking up some new 3lb packaged bee boxes. These packages contain 1 queen, 3-5K honeybees and a jar of food.

Kat bottling the first honey bear in 2011.

Products of K&D's Honey Bees

A helper smoking the bees before opening the hive.

Checking bees with some more help.

Four hives on the Seward apiary location. Including Carniolan, Golden Italian and Minnesota Hygienic.

Winterization of Hives. Wrapping hive with roofing tarp, windbreak on North & West sides and a supplemental food source (Candy board).

Springtime floral sources are great for getting wax glands going.

Honeybees tasting simple syrup.

Honey bees fanning the pharamone when they were first installed in the Garland, Nebraska hive.

Queen bee will typically be the only egg laying bee within a hive. She will lay her body weight in eggs every day (approximately 1,200)!
*Best of Show in Bee Culture - photography 2012 at the Nebraska State Fair*

Uncapping honey supers in 2011

Honey bee brood pattern

Italian queen inside of a queen cage
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